My Life & Times: A Guided Journal for Collecting Your Stories

My Life & Times: A Guided Journal for Collecting Your Stories

In the News: The News-Herald ran this article about my book, My Life & Times: A Guided Journal for Collecting Your Stories. The book isn’t about MY life and times: it’s on how to write about YOURS.

My Life & Times helps you tell your life story (or capture someone else’s):

  • Structured fill-in questions prompt you to recall and record memories of your childhood family life; schooling; professional life; romantic relationships and marriages; parenting and children; friends; pets; and personal interests and values.
  • A flexible format and enclosed CD allow you to rearrange the book to fit your life, whether that has involved three marriages, military service, parenting, summer camps, or special circumstances like adoption or homeschooling.
  • A unique collaborative element encourages you to gather memories from family members and friends, making your storytelling a group effort and allowing other cherished voices to take their rightful place in your history.
  • Learn how to recover and “flesh out” forgotten memories, with plenty of explanation and examples. Read compassionate advice for writing about private memories, difficult relationships, and painful events.  Review a bonus section on preserving family heirlooms and artifacts.

The current edition of this book is available from several third-party sellers on Amazon.

5 thoughts on “My Life & Times: A Guided Journal for Collecting Your Stories

  1. Alan Rabe

    The word “pickup” in the order just generates an error message. We are planning on attending the book launch. Can we just buy a copy there?

  2. Karen Howard

    I want to order you new book but can’t figure out how to do it via email. Can you send me an address where I can send a check? Thanks.

    Karen Howard
    Nauvoo Illinois

  3. Carol Ann Shepherd

    I just saw your article for the first time on LDS Living in the Deseret News and its accompanying post for 20% off your book which was past the Oct. 15 deadline.. Is there a way I can still get this book (My Life & Times) for the 20% off? I would love to get it for more ideas on writing my own history, and would also love a deal. Carol Ann

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