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My Life & Times: A Guided Journal for Collecting Your Stories. A beautiful keepsake-quality hardbound book that helps you write your own life stories, or someone else’s.

Genealogy How-To Webinars


  • “Invisible Ancestors,” Family Tree Magazine, Jan/Feb 2015, with Deborah A Abbott. Slavery has obscured the names of your African-American ancestors and cast their lives into darkness. But with our guide, you may be able to rediscover them.
  • “Industry Update: Genetic Genealogy,” Family Tree Magazine, Dec 2014 (Genealogy Insider column). Growing pains and growth areas in the business of DNA.
  • Untying the Knot,” Family Tree Magazine, Dec 2014, co-authored with Judy G Russell. Our married forebears called it quits more often than you think. Finding their divorce records can be tricky, but our guide will show you the right road to ancestral Splitsville.
  • “Reaching Forward,” Family Tree Magazine, Oct/Nov 2014 (Genealogy Insider column). We know how to connect with people from the past. But what about the next generation of family historians?
  • “Find Your Partner,” Family Tree Magazine, Sept 2014 (Genealogy Insider column). Have you ever felt like you’re on a reality show as the Genealogy Bachelor or Bachelorette? You’re searching for The One: your perfect subscription website. But it’s not easy to choose Mr. or Ms. Right from the pack.
  • Probate Records Workbook,” Family Tree Magazine, Sept 2014, co-authored with Cheryl McClellan. A special workbook to introduce you to an essential record type: probate records.
  • U.S. Census Records Workbook,” Family Tree Magazine, July/Aug 2014. A special workbook to introduce you to a core U.S. genealogy resource: the U.S. census.
  • “Central Intelligence,” Family Tree Magazine (Genealogy Insider column), May/June 2015. A new technology could bring you more searchable genealogy records, faster than ever. It’s OCR’s newest cousin, ICR: intelligent character recognition, automated recognition of handwriting.
  • Their Loss, Our Gain,” Family Tree Magazine, May/June 2015. You might think your ancestor’s limited means resulted in limited genealogical records. That’s not necessarily true–and we’ll show you why with these five rich sources on poor ancestors.
  • Web Guide,” Family Tree Magazine, March/April 2014. It’s free to access the billions of records and volunteer-created indexes on this site from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
  • Web Guide,” Family Tree Magazine, March/April 2014. This site, owned by since 2012, bills itself as the web’s biggest family history bargain.
  • “Christmas Weddings: A Practical Tradition,” Ohio Genealogy News, Winter 2013.
  • Teaming Up,” Family Tree Magazine, Dec 2013, co-authored with Lisa Louise Cooke. Grab a partner and team up on your brick walls with these great technology tools and strategies for collaborating.
  • Migration Melodies,” Family Tree Magazine, Oct/Nov 2013. Stay in step as you follow your ancestors’ migrations across the U.S.
  • Burned Out?” Family Tree Magazine, Oct/Nov 2013. On researching in “burned counties.”
  • Local Flavor,” Family Tree Magazine, Sept 2013. Using hometown sources in family history research.
  • The Paperless Chase,” Family Tree Magazine, Sept 2013. Digitize photos and documents with top tips from experts.
  • “Make Your Own City Guide,” Family Tree Magazine, Sept 2013. A primer and fill-in worksheet for researching ancestral hometowns and cities.
  • O Pioneer Roots,” Family Tree Magazine, July/Aug 2013. Tips for tracing pioneer ancestors.
  • Conquer the Courthouse,” with Judy Russell, Family Tree Magazine, May/June 2013.
  • The Art of Genealogy,” Family Tree Magazine, May/June 2013. On family history writing.
  • “Black Roots in Ohio: Pull-out Guide,” Ohio Genealogy News, Spring 2013.
  • Andrew O’Hotnicky: Slovakian Firefighter.” Extended version of article (with footnotes) scheduled to appear in the Spring 2013 issue of The Searcher, the newsletter of the Genealogical Research Society of Northeast Pennsylvania.
  • Uncovering Black Roots,” Family Tree Magazine, Mar/Apr 2013.
  • Cleveland City Guide,” Family Tree Magazine, Mar/Apr 2013.
  • Researching Latter-day Saint Ancestors,” Family Tree Magazine, Mar/Apr 2013.
  • Shelf Life,” Family Tree Magazine, Dec 2012. Follow these tips so your family history write-up will end up on library shelves for others to find.
  • Researching Methodist Ancestors,” Family Tree Magazine, Dec 2012.
  • City Guide: Kansas City, Missouri,” Family Tree Magazine, Dec 2012.
  • Genealogy GPS,” Family Tree Magazine, Oct/Nov 2012. Keep your research on course with the tried-and-true navigation system for family historians; the Genealogical Proof Standard.
  • Heirloom Hunting,” Family Tree Magazine, Oct/Nov 2012.
  • City Guide: Fort Wayne, Indiana,” Family Tree Magazine, Oct/Nov 2012.
  • City Guide: Louisville,” Family Tree Magazine, Sept 2012.
  • Around the World in 40 Blogs,” Family Tree Magazine, July/Aug 2012. Read excerpt.
  • Researching Jewish Ancestors,” Family Tree Magazine, May/June 2012.
  • City Guide: Cincinnati,” Family Tree Magazine, May/June 2012.
  • “Trace Your Catholic Ancestors,” Family Tree Magazine, March/April 2012.
  • City Guide: Salt Lake City,” Family Tree Magazine, March/April 2012.
  • “Composite Sketches,” Family Tree Magazine, Feb 2012. (Get a visual image of your ancestors with these genealogical sources.)
  • “Family Archivist,” Family Tree Magazine, regular column beginning January 2010. Covers topics of interest to those who care for family documents and heirlooms.
  • “Family Feast,” Family Tree Magazine, Jan 2012.
  • Pathways to Poland,” with Cecile Wendt Jensen, Family Tree Magazine, Jan 2012.
  • City Guide: New Orleans,” Family Tree Magazine, Jan 2012.
  • Conduct a Family History Interview,” LDS Living {LDS How-to}, Nov 2011.
  • Start Writing Your Life Story Now,” LDS Living {LDS How-to}. Nov 2011.
  • Jumpstart Your Family History,” LDS Living {LDS How-To}, Nov 2011.
  • Write a History Worth Reading,” LDS Living, Nov/Dec 2011.
  • “Culture Clubs,” Family Tree Magazine, Nov 2011. A genealogist’s look at heritage organizations.
  • City Guide: Portland, Oregon,” Family Tree Magazine, Nov 2011.
  • Mountain Climbing,” Family Tree Magazine, Sept 2011. Guide to genealogical research in Appalachia.
  • Post Masters,” Family Tree Magazine, July 2011. Annual review of Top 40 genealogy blogs.
  • City Guide: Detroit,” Family Tree Magazine, July 2011. Guide to genealogical research in the Motor City.
  • Fast Track: Planning a last-minute family reunion,” Family Tree Magazine, January 2011.
  • Oh, The Stories They’ll Tell!Family Tree Magazine, December 2010. Who a family historian can interview. Reprinted in Discover Your Roots, Spring 2011.
  • Legacy Lessons: Family History for Kids,” Family Tree Magazine, December 2010. Activities that teach children how fun genealogy can be.
  • Fun Family History,” LDS Living, November/December 2010.  Sharing family history with children.
  • “Fantastic Journey,” Family Tree Magazine, August 2010. Armchair travel for the genealogist.
  • “Soul Searching,” Family Tree Magazine, August 2010. Genealogist’s guide to religious records.
  • Tombstone Tales,” Family Tree Magazine, July 2010. Genealogist’s guide to cemetery research. Reprinted in Discover Your Roots, Issue 1.
  • Dutch Treat,” Family Tree Magazine, May 2010. Researching genealogical records from the Netherlands.
  • “Shaping Up,” Family Tree Magazine, Mar 2010. Sharpening genealogical skills through training and education.
  • “Calling in the Pros,” Family Tree Magazine, Dec 2009. Feature on different types of professional assistance available to genealogists.
  • “Preserving Memories,” Family Tree Magazine, Dec 2009. Guest columnist, on projects to express your ancestral pride.
  • Library of Knowledge,” Family Tree Magazine, Sept 2009. Feature on using libraries for genealogy research. Reprinted in Discover Your Roots, Issue 1.
  • “Reunion Riches,” Family Tree Magazine, July 2009. Feature on gathering genealogical riches at family reunions.
  • “World Tree,” Family Tree Magazine, July 2009. Report on The Norway Project, a revolutionary new database that promises an entirely new approach to genealogical research.
  • College Records 101.” Family Tree Magazine, April 2009.
  • Tale Spin.” Family Tree Magazine, March 2009. Feature on telling your life’s stories in engaging ways.
  • Lost in Transcription.” Family Tree Magazine, March 2009. Tips for creating a good typescript.
  • Finding Your Family in 21st-Century Style,” Latter-day Woman, Feb/March 2009.
  • A Little Retail Therapy.” Reunions. Fund-raising ideas for a family reunion. Nov/Dec 2008/Jan 2009.
  • “Skeletons in the Family Closet.” Family Tree Magazine, Nov 2008. Feature discussing what a family historian can do with old family scandals.
  • “A Spooky Reunion.” Reunions. Sept/Oct 2008. A Halloween-ish family reunion sparks ideas for holiday-themed gatherings.
  • “Your Ancestors Slept Here.” Family Tree Magazine, July 2008. Travel feature on historic lodgings. Teaser: “They say you never understand people until you walk a mile in their shoes. What about spending a night in their beds?” See on-line directory that accompanies this article.
  • “Genealogies on Demand.” Family Tree Magazine, May 2008. Informational article for genealogists/family historians on using print-on-demand technology to publish a family history. Opener: “Ready to transform years of family research into a published book? With print-on-demand technology, it’s now easier–and more affordable–than ever.”
  • Family Reunions 101.” LDS Living, March/April 2008. Feature article on how to plan a memorable family reunion.
  • Get Em Talking.” Family Tree Magazine, March 2008. Excerpt: “Anyone who conducts family history interviews eventually comes across a reluctant interviewee. You probably know the ones in your family—a modest great-aunt, a grumpy uncle. But even the most tight-lipped folks are usually willing to discuss things that matter to them.”
  • A Reunion Home.” Reunions Magazine, Oct/Nov2006. Begins: “I can’t say I married Jeremy Morton only because of his family reunion, but after attending, I knew I wanted to come back every Labor Day weekend for the rest of my life.”


  • “Destination: Buenos Aires, Argentina,” LDS Living, Nov/Dec 2011.
  • Destination: West Virginia,” LDS Living, September/October 2010. Family travel to those “almost heaven” Appalachian highlands.
  • Destination: Mid Coast Maine,” LDS Living, Sept/Oct 2009. “Which U.S. state boasts three thousand miles of shoreline, one of the most visited national parks, and rich regional culinary delights? California? Wrong coast. Try Maine, one of the hotter (or should we say cooler?) places to enjoy the sand, surf and sails.”
  • Weekend Getaway: Pittsburgh,” Latter-day Woman, April/May 2009.
  • Camping Happy,” LDS Living, July/Aug 2009. Family camping feature.

Latter-day Saint Lifestyle

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  • For the Cleveland Regional Perinatal Network: A Guide for Moms: Resources for mothers-to-be and mothers of young children. Brochure developed, evaluated and circulated with Amy M. Heneghan and the Cleveland Regional Perinatal Network.
  • For The Viktor Schreckengost Foundation:
  • “A Mammoth Undertaking.” Cleveland Magazine, Jan 2008. Opens: “The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is about to disassemble two of its most famous pachyderms. But no animal-rights groups are up in arms: the beasts have been extinct for thousands of years.”
  • “SmAll that Jazz.” School Arts, Nov 2007. Ghostwritten for teacher Dina Bluemel. Excerpt: [On initiating a grade-school curriculum around Viktor Schreckengost’s work] “What developed was a learning experience as diverse and unexpected as this designer’s own body of work! In addition to the art and design objectives, students have learned such lessons as respect for the elderly and how to run their own arts foundation.”
  • Viktor Schreckengost: American Da Vinci. Tide-Mark Books, 2006. Managing Editor. Author: Henry Adams.
  • “From Viktor’s Attic.” Monthly electronic newsletter column from The Viktor Schreckengost Foundation, a nonprofit arts organization. See these samples:

Musical Theater Production

This is Kirtland! Lead author, libretto (dialogue and lyrics). One-hour musical theater presentation to introduce visitors to the history and legacy of early settlers. Performed every summer by cast of 50 since 2004. Read about this musical at:

Scholarly Papers (Edits and authorship)

  • Computer-Aided Diagnosis of Early Cancers in the Gastrointestinal Tract Using Optical Coherence Tomography. Doctoral dissertation, Case Western Reserve University, 2008. Editor. Author: Xin Qi.
  • Garg A, Morton S, Heneghan A. “A Hospital Survey of Postpartum Depression Education at the Time of Delivery.” JOGNN (Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic, & Neonatal Nursing) 34:5, Sept/Oct 2005, p.587. Authored with Asha Garg and Amy M. Heneghan.
  • Wright JT, Redline S, Taylor AL, Aylor J, Clark K, O’Malia B, Graham G, Liao G, Morton S. Relationship between 24-hr. blood pressure and sleep disordered breathing in a normotensive community sample. Am J Hypertension. 2001; 14 (8 pt 1) 743-748. M
  • Morton S, Rosen C, Larkin EK, Tishler PV, Aylor J, Redline S. Predictors of sleep disordered breathing in children with a history of tonsillectomy and/or adenoidectomy. Sleep 2001; 24(7):823-829. Lead author, with Carol Rosen, Emma Larkin, Peter Tishler, Joan Aylor, Susan Redline.
  • Redline S, Schluchter M, Larkin E, Tishler PV, Aylor J, Clark K, O’Malia B, Morton S, Graham G. Association of progressive sleep disordered breathing (SDB) with cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk factors. Am J Resp Crit Care Med (abst.) 2001 163(5):A37
  • Rosen CL, Morton S, Larkin E, Aylor J, Clark K, O’Malia B, Graham G, Redline S. Persistence of sleep-disordered breathing (SDB) in children post-tonsillectomy. Am J Resp Crit Care Med (abst.) 2001 163(5):A298.
  • Redline S, Larkin E, Schluchter M, Aylor J, Clark K, Graham G, O’Malia B, Morton S. Incidence of sleep-disordered breathing in a population-based sample. Sleep (abst) 2001:24 Abstract supplement A294.
  • Buxbaum S, Redline S, O’Malia B, Russo L, Morton S, Tishler PV, Aylor J, Clark K, Graham G, Elston RC. Segregation analysis of the respiratory disturbance index (RDI) in African-Americans. Am J Respir Crit Care Med (abst.) 2000. 161(3):A679.
  • Redline S, Morton S, Russo L, Aylor J, Clark K, Graham G, O’Malia B, Rosen C. Morbidity of mild-moderate sleep disordered breathing in African American Children. Am J Respir Crit Care Med (abst.) 2000. 161(3):A715.
  • Morton, Sunny McClellan. “The Forgotten Daughter: Julia Murdock Smith.” Mormon Historical Studies (Fall 2002).
  • Morton, Sunny McClellan. “On Being Adopted: Julia Murdock Smith.” Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought. (36:3). To read on-line: Scroll down contents sidebar on left to sixth article (begins p.161).

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