Reviews of My Work

Here’s what clients, interviewees and others have had to say about my work:

A magazine editor….

“I have worked very closely with Sunny on the past few issues of LDS Living magazine. I have found her to be not only intelligent, creative, and articulate, but extraordinarily dependable. She has met every deadline I have given her, and she often submits her work early!

Sunny’s writing ability is outstanding and requires little if any editing. Her work is thorough and always includes many reliable sources. She has been able to submit a continuous stream of queries, which are thoughtful, complete, and very appealing. We have given her many writing assignments, which will appear in future issues of LDS Living, and I intend to maintain a permanent working relationship with her. She has been delightful to work with.”

-Jamie Lawson, Managing Editor, LDS Living Magazine, Orem, UT

An interviewee….

“I just read your article, “Library of Knowledge,” in Family Tree Magazine based on the interview we did in March.  I am so pleased with how it came out! You did an excellent job of synthesizing my thoughts into a readable and very accurate narrative. You have truly captured why libraries are still important for genealogical research. Thank you so much for writing a piece that I am so happy to be affiliated with!”

– Maira Liriano, Manager, Milstein Division of U.S. History, Local History & Genealogy
The New York Public Library

An organization….

“Although I have known Ms. Morton for less than a year, she has already had a profound impact on our foundation. During 2007, her writing and outreach activities generated at least $10,000 of donations for our mountaintop village of children. Her dedicated efforts included the organizing and promoting of a large three-day garage sale; the hosting of a fund-raising event in her home; a congregational collection of used shoes; and the publication of two articles in magazines read by members of her church (LDS Living and Meridian). Her writing was profoundly inspirational and continues to result in extremely generous contributions from the readers.”

-Karen Godt, Executive Director, Hope for Honduran Children Foundation, Shaker Heights, Ohio

A reviewer of a book I edited, Viktor Schreckengost: American DaVinci:

“Profusely illustrated in full color and enhanced with the addition of an Index and Image Catalogue, and with expert commentary by former museum curator Henry Adams, Viktor Schreckengost: American Da Vinci is a superbly presented and informative introduction to the life, work, and artistry of a remarkable talent who dedicated himself to the aesthetic improvement of American popular culture. Highly recommended for personal, professional, and academic library American Art History reference collections and supplemental reading lists.”

Midwest Book Review

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